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Franchisee Management Software

Aside from needing software for yourself, you also need top-notch software for your Franchisees. Things like Franchisee sales figures, royalty calculations, client management, and brand consistency are all measured, so that management can stay on top of things and keep the franchise growing.

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Client Management

Our client management system is designed to ensure Franchisees have all of their client information within a single place. This includes estimates, product and invoice history, contact numbers, addresses, and any communication from clients including email and calls. See which email templates are increasing email opens, clicks, etc. Add specific client properties or assets to individual profiles for pets, cars, houses, windows, and so much more. Upload documents, pictures, and even track the job history of these assets.


Franchisees can see when clients received their last service and send them automated alerts that a service is due. Your Franchisees can send clients new estimates by cloning their past estimates or jobs.


Better will allow your Franchisees to create multiple clients or lead profiles using the same email address. Your Franchisees can add as many small business contacts or addresses to a single client profile as they want.


Franchisors can give Franchisees the ability to build work orders, estimates, and so much more. Your Franchisees can add new details or complete a job for a client. The client’s profile will automatically be updated.


Build a library of email templates for your Franchisees to use; this way, your messaging and branding are consistent throughout your entire network. Be able to see past emails sent to clients that will ensure Franchisees are providing proper customer service and following up with past clients.