Why your business should run on one system.


AUGUST, 2017

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

This is a saying that has confused a lot of people, because if you use basic math, it’s entirely false. How can something be more than the pieces that make it up?

The Gestalt theory explains it well. Take an emergency road sign, for example. It’s a collection of small, circular lights. But when you bring them all together and arrange them, they become an arrow. When you light them up one at a time, you create a sense of movement. Technically, it’s still simply a collection of small lights, but what you see is an arrow moving the direction it points.

A franchise is a prime example of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. If you break it down, your business is made up of a bunch of moving parts.

The largest piece of a franchise is the number of different locations. Each location brings in different customers from different places with different needs, who come face to face with different employees with different responsibilities. Say you run a window cleaning business. One job might include cleaning the windows on bungalow, the next may be a three-story Victorian mansion or an apartment building. There’s so much variation in your business that realistically, the chance of having a consistent experience from one job to the next is low.

If you break it down, your business is made up of a bunch of moving parts.

But when those employees come together and work in tandem, they make the business what it is. By working with a set structure, that experience can be consistent. By working together, they’re able to achieve more than they would on their own, and that is the promise a franchise makes. You’re left with a network of businesses customers feel they know and trust.

A business is like a puzzle, with a lot of pieces that need to fit together, and the best way to bring them together is on one system
Like gears that move one another, your business should be connected through one system
Every piece of your business should work together, and that can be best achieved by running your business on one system
Like a puzzle, your business is made up of many pieces that come together to create a whole picture

We all know the struggle of trying to keep track of everything. There’s customer information, job schedules, inventory, sales and finances, emails and marketing campaigns, company communications, employee timesheets and salaries, not to mention the general health of your business.

And there is software to keep track of your finances, to process payments, to run email marketing campaigns, to track customers, and to do pretty much everything your business needs to do.

There is something to be said about individual pieces of software. Putting all the focus into one thing may mean it offers specialized, complex features and performs better compared to something that does it all. But the benefit of software is that it reduces the margin error to next to nothing. If you spend your time moving information from one system to the next, you bring back that risk. Not to mention running multiple systems is expensive and time consuming. If more than one of your systems records similar information, it can be impossible to determine which system is accurate. With one system, you have one truth.

Your business is more than the sum of its parts, and your software should be too. Every piece of your business is tied to the rest, so why would you separate them? If information is spread out across multiple systems, it’s easy for things to get lost.

If you use one system to keep track of everything, you bring back the unique connection that runs through your whole business. A collection of software is also very difficult to standardize across a franchise, because there are so many levels that need to have access for different reasons.

As you strive to deliver a consistent customer experience across your brand and scale your operations, find a system that works the way your franchise does.

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