Top 5 tips for Checking if your Website is out of Alignment



If your waiting room has empty seats, you are probably having an issue reaching and connecting with your customers.

Although social media is playing an increasing role generating business and engaging prospective customers, your company’s website is still the cornerstone of your internet presence.

Here are five simple warning signs that your website isn’t generating the business your company needs and keeping that waiting room full.

1. Visibility

The first and perhaps the most overlooked quality of your website is how easily your website can be found by your customers. Remember, there are numerous ways customers can find your website (Search engines, external links, social media, ads, etc). Invest in Google Analytics to track the number of visits your website is receiving and where your leads are coming from.

Once you’ve got a month’s worth of information, do a simple search for key terms on Google’s AdWords planner (it’s free!) to see how many people are searching for keywords related to your business. You can than determine how much traffic is coming from google and compare it to other searches in your area. That will provide a baseline for assessing the overall visibility of your website.

2. Proper Alignment

As a healthcare provider the proper alignment of your customer is critical to their health and well-being. Providing the highest level of assessment and care requires incredible attention to detail which your customer expects.

So when they are visiting your website for the first time, are they seeing the same attention to detail you provide in a treatment room? Headers that aren’t aligned, poorly formatted text and blurry images are symptoms of a website design that reflects poorly on your business.

3. Conversions

How many customers are completing the “call to action” on your website? A call to action is simply the action, or activity that you want a customer visiting your website to do. Examples could be calling the front desk directly, completing an online booking request or sending text message to the office.

If your website does not have a clear call to action, you are losing out on opportunities for your business! A major benefit to using a non-templated website design is having input and discussion regarding the desired call to action and making tweaks to maximize its effectiveness.

4. Confused Customers

Are your customers calling in with bad questions that are taking up valuable time of your team? Things like where parking is, how to access the office off the highway or your office hours are examples of information that needs to be readily accessible to customers.

Yes, those questions are still an opportunity for front desk staff to dazzle customers with their service and phone skills, but there is an equally large opportunity to dazzle those same customers with your well designed website!

5. Five Second Rule

This is perhaps my favorite test for your website. Can a new customer who has never interacted with your business understand its key value proposition in five seconds or less when looking at your website. Remember, your value proposition is your “secret sauce” that makes your business unique when compared to your competitors.


Make sure that value proposition is well defined throughout your business (everyone needs to know and live it!) so it can be clear on your website. As always, a picture is worth a thousand words and can be critical to defining that value proposition to your prospective customers.

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