The Value of Culture


JUNE, 2017

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When you ask someone what the most important thing for a company to have, the answers will vary. Some will say it’s good people; others talk about the product. Some will say location; others speak of branding. Some will talk about the dream; others will consider timing. A few will talk about culture.

Culture encompasses many things – it’s not the people, though people are part of it. It’s not vision, or the dream, but those depend on it. The culture of a company is the core of its identity. A strong, positive culture will take the team and bring it together. It will take good people and make them amazing. It will take that dream, and bring it to every individual team member, and carry it forward into everything the company does. The culture of a company will become part of the brand; part of the product. It will let a company take advantage of the location and of the timing.

A strong, positive culture is the most powerful part of a company. It encompasses the courage that lets someone bring an idea forward that improves the company. It makes the shy, the introverted, feel safe enough to step forward and show what they can do. It gives everyone something to draw on when times are difficult. The culture of a company creates the atmosphere, and that atmosphere is what lets everyone involved do things that no one would think is possible. Without the right culture, a company might succeed, but it can never triumph.

Perseverance; integrity; indomitable spirit. The ability to stand up, dust off, and push forward. To be true to oneself.

Culture is also fragile.

Layoffs are one of the most difficult times for a company. Sitting, looking around and seeing the same twisted feeling in you reflected in the eyes of your team. Wondering if you were good enough. Wondering if you could have done more. Agonizing over the times you weren’t perfect. Seeing those same feelings reflected in the team leaders; in management. Seeing the helpless knowledge that even their best couldn’t prevent this. Knowing that every single person is wondering if there was something more they could have done.

The dream; the vision – there’s a fracture now. The illusion is gone – it was easy to believe before that success – that triumph – was inevitable. There’s doubt. It could not be done before; so how can we do it now? It is easy for a company to falter; to fail.

It doesn’t have to.

I’ve seen a company go through layoffs, and watched as people put aside their shock and doubt and reach out – offering references, recommendations, and banding together. The illusion shattered, but the dream remains. The goal doesn’t change, the obstacles are the same – the only difference is in the minds of the people. It’s no more difficult then before – but the strength has to come from inside; from something real.

Perseverance; integrity; indomitable spirit. The ability to stand up, dust off, and push forward. To be true to oneself. To never yield to circumstances, but instead stand defiant against them. Some people have these as part of who they are. For most, these are shared with those beside you. It’s difficult to stand alone – it is easy to stand together. Culture is what lets a team get back up after stumbling. Culture is what lets a team heal.

Culture is what lets a company triumph.

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