Having a strong company culture improves your business.



Happiness is contagious.

Your mood affects everything you do. Whether you’re ordering a coffee or serving a customer, the person on the other end of the interaction will be affected by your mood. So when you’re at work, you should be in the best mood possible.

Culture is your company’s personality. It gives your your team a shared sense of purpose, and drives your customer experience. Culture is what connects every person, and drives them towards achieving the same goals. Creating a strong company culture in franchising is essential because it is an industry that is disconnected by nature. It’s a business made up of a series of smaller businesses that simply operate under the same brand.

It’s important to create an environment your employees actually want to be in for that exact reason. If they don’t dread coming into work, picking up the phone and talking to your customers is less of a burden. Culture is a complex, intangible thing that many companies strive to perfect and even more struggle with. Forbes describes it as the way the environment feels, rather than the physical environment you work in.

To make customers happy, we have to make sure our employees are happy first.
Tony Hsieh, Zappos

Creating a strong company culture.

There’s a lot that goes into creating a strong company culture. Yes, a lot of it is unspoken and occurs naturally, but there are actions you can take to influence the atmosphere of your workplace.

For one, you can create a guideline for what matters to your company. When you make it clear what’s important, you’re more likely to attract a team that agrees with your values. What matters from company to company and from person to person varies, so it’s important to state exactly what your corporate values are. In their ICFE certification course, the International Franchise Association teaches that values serve as the foundation on which we build our thoughts, plans and actions. By clearly stating those values, it is easier to build the right foundation.

creating a strong company culture means making sure employees are happy and having fun doing their work.
The freedom to decorate and personalize desks and office spaces can create a strong company culture
to some, having a strong company culture means improving the physical environment by having an office you like to be in
Flexible work situations is another way to create a strong company culture.

From that foundation, you are able to establish a code of ethics. We all operate on a set of personal ethics, which serve as rules for how we should and should not behave. To help establish a corporate culture, it’s important to establish a set of rules or principles to govern workplace behaviour.

By establishing a strong set of values and ethics, it paves the way for the right company culture to develop naturally. Your team is happier to work where they do and from there, the appeal of your company to both new customers and potential franchisees improves.

However, simply creating a rule book doesn’t tell employees what to do when a new situation arises. Culture is how your team behaves when the CEO is not in the room. An employee working in a company with a strong culture knows how to handle the customer in a brand new situation; they know whether they should bring forward new ideas. Employees make hundreds of decisions everyday and culture shapes that.  Your team is at its best when acting based on instinct within the culture.  When you get to the end of the rule book, culture answers the question; “Would I get fired for this?”

A strong culture makes work better for everyone. The stronger the culture, the shorter the rule book.

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