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Retail Business

Welcome to BPro for Retail.

Our BPro Small Business Retail software can consolidate your whole business into one manageable software, with one manageable cost.

BPro is a fully customization software that can be tailored to be as simple as you want, but is feature rich enough to manage everything from customers, inventory, scheduling, product serialization and so much more!

Easy to Use Features

Powerful tools tailored for your Retail Business.

  Customer Tracking

Create a better relationship with your customer so that you can provide the best experience possible when they return.


  Calendar & Scheduling

Simplify scheduling your orders, appointments and jobs by using our integrated Scheduler tool.


  Employee Management

Personal dashboard per employee with schedules, punch-in/out, timesheet and more.


  Sales & Marketing

BPro features a powerful set of tools to easily manage your sales process and marketing capabilities.


  Inventory Management

Store in-depth information to manage and organize your inventory effectively and easily.


  Mobile Friendly

Built mobile first without compromising features or power. Manage your business from anywhere.


Customer Success Stories

Impress! Party Rentals

Dayton, OH

“I’ve enjoyed working with the BPro and the Customer Success team. They answer my questions quickly and in a manner I can understand. Impress! Party Rentals grew so fast that keeping track of inventory on a spreadsheet was a nightmare. Thank you, BPro!”


Ottawa, ON

“Managing day to day jobs has become a much easier task with Bpro. Remembering important details about customer needs and their vehicles is never easy to remember. BPro software is wonderful for managing my detailing business, and super easy to use. Ever since I signed up, the support has been excellent.”

Tabula Rasa

Greensboro, NC

“The team at BPro has been very supportive. I am not computer savvy, but they have been patient and encouraging. It’s helping me be more efficient without being too complicated.”