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PayStand is a web-based payment processing platform that offers payment options that work for both customers and businesses. Simplify your billing process by allowing your customers to pay where and when it works for them, whether that’s on-site, over the phone, or through an email while they’re at work. PayStand lets you be flexible with your payment options.

You work hard for every penny you earn, which is why when you use our PayStand integration, you get competitive industry rates with no setup or monthly fees.

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Settle invoices with the push of a button.

With the PayStand online payment link, you can include the option to settle an invoice directly on the invoice itself. Simply email your customers their invoice, and all your customers have to do is click on the button to be redirected to PayStand’s payment portal that includes all available payment options. Unlike other providers that require a separate gateway for each payment method, customers can settle their bill using their preferred method with no complications. Customers are able to settle their bill without needing to create an account. No usernames or passwords, all they need is their preferred method of payment. 

And, of course, if your customers are not comfortable with paying online, they can always give you a call or come in to settle their bill the old fashioned way. When it comes to costs, they don’t get much lower; pay 2.9% + $0.30 on all credit card transactions, so when you make a $100 sale, you have $96.80 in your bank account two days later. No surprises.

Save on processing fees with eChecks.

With eChecks, anyone with a bank account can safely and securely pay their bill online. It’s as simple as paying with a credit card, at a fraction of the cost to you. Credit cards are expensive to both the customer and the business, but with eChecks, you only pay 0.49% and no surcharges, which means the money you make is money you keep. With the PayStand secure billing portal, their information is safe each and every time they make a payment. Let your customer choose their preferred payment option without having to search for the different options.

With PayStand you have the option to save on processing fees when you pay with eChecks
Eliminate tedious paperwork with digital receipts

Go paperless.

Make filing cabinets a thing of the past with digital receipts. With PayStand, you can send customers their copy of the receipt right to their email. No more crumbled reicepts in their purses and pockets, and it’s easy to track your customer interactions and proof of payment with digital copies of everything.

Integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks.

What good are integrations unless they work together? If you’ve connected your QuickBooks with your franchise software, PayStand will automatically synchronize payment updates with BPro, and in turn, BPro will forward payment information along to your QuickBooks account. So when a payment comes through PayStand, you don’t need to worry about keeping everything up to date because none of your software is ever out of the loop.

Use both the PayStand and QuickBooks integrations together to manage your finances more efficiently

We know what we're doing.

We've made every mistake in the book, so you don't have to. With 30+ years of experience as franchise business owners in 15 different industries, we know what we're doing. We believe that running a multi-location business should be as simple as running a small one, and we're here to equip franchisors with the best franchise management tool. We want to improve business for everyone – from CEO to cashier.

Ready to build your best business?

Ready to build your best business?

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