New Social Media Features In 2016 That Your Small Business Should Take Note Of


APRIL, 2016

It’s only April, and there have already been so many major updates made to our favourite social media platforms this year that it’s hard to keep up!


Social media platforms are constantly evolving, and it’s important for your small business to stay on top of the changes to keep using each one to your best ability. Here is a roundup of new social media features in 2016 (so far!) that your small business should take note of.




Facebook reactions

Facebook reactions are here! (okay, they’ve been here for a little while now.) Facebook’s answer to the demand for an ‘unlike’ button has over exceeded expectations and these “reactions” are great news for your small business. Here’s why.


Facebook reactions allow you to gain valuable insight into what your customers really like. You can learn more on how your customers feel about your products, deals, news, and the content you post. Keep an eye on how your customers react to your content and use that insight to continue to improve your social media strategy, and maybe even your sales strategy.

Live Video

Facebook has opened up live video to all users (a feature that was once only reserved for the ultra cool and famous!). Now everyone has the ability to live stream through Facebook and you can stream in groups or events, use live filters, and even add locations on Facebook Live Map.


To share a live video, open up a status update, and select the “Live Video” icon. You can add a description to whatever you’re filming and then go live right away.


Going live on Facebook gives you the opportunity to engage your audience in new ways and even develop a stronger relationship with them. Try it out! Live stream your small business’ next event or give your customer a behind-the-scenes look at your day.

Instant Articles

Instant articles make it easier and faster than ever for Facebook users to read your content on their mobile devices. Instead of being directed to another website or to another page when they click on a link, users can read your content without leaving the app. Plus the content loads 10x faster than mobile web articles, giving users a much better reading experience.


The downside of this feature is that less traffic will be directed to your website, but on the upside, instant articles receive 20% more clicks, and are 30% more shared than other web articles on average. This feature might be more useful for some businesses than others, but it’s definitely worth testing it out to see how it will work for yours. Here’s how to get started:



“Improved Timeline” updates

You might have noticed a slight change in your twitter feed in the past few months. Twitter’s new algorithm update will display content from accounts you like (and regularly interact with) at the top of your feed, followed by the usual reverse-chronological order.


This update makes it easier to sort through all of the noise on twitter, and lets you see more tweets that you like and keep up with accounts that you actually care about. The update also shows the importance of creating quality content that your customers will engage with in order to keep your business’s updates at the top of their feeds.


GIF button

Twitter now has a button just for posting GIFs! You can search for them by keyword or by category in a library of GIFs from GIPHY and Riffsy.


GIFs are a fun way to express yourself and engage with your audience on Twitter! You can now include the perfect cat yawn, happy dance or Jonah Hill expression in your tweets.



“Switch accounts”

You can now easily switch between accounts on Instagram! This feature is the hallelujah for social media managers and small business owners! If you’re not already using this one, start today.


Instagram has added the ability to add multiple accounts and switch between them (similar to Twitter) without having to log in and out.  This means easier and faster posting for your personal and business accounts!


Timeline updates

Instagram has a new algorithm and you might have noticed some people freaking out over it in your feed, but don’t worry – they’re just overreacting.


The update is designed to show you content that you like, based on your actions, at the top of your feed. This only really means that you’ll see content that Instagram thinks you like best at the top of your feed, and then after a few photos everything will be in reverse chronological order again. (So we can all calm down now.)


What does this mean for your business? This update reinforces the importance of engaging your audience, and creating relevant content for them. Post quality Instagram photos that your audience will engage with, and you’ll stay at the top of their feed! This also makes it easier for you to keep up with the content that you like best.



On-demand Geofilters

You can now purchase a geofilter starting at just $5 (pricing varies based on size of geofence, time and location)!


On-Demand Geofilters allow you to upload a custom filter to Snapchat that is accessible for users within a certain geographic area. This a really cool feature to use at your next events, whether it’s a party, wedding, business event, or even a big sale, it allows your guests or customers to have fun and engage with your brand!



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