So, you have an upcoming event or trade show, and you’re trying to find a way to wow everyone and leave a lasting impression. Swag bags are a popular way to promote your business at events and they give you the opportunity to set your small business apart from the rest.

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They leave your potential customers with branded material and they’re a great way to show off the fun and unique side of your business. I’m going to give you some popular tips and wicked resources to build the best swag bag at the trade show!

1. The Budget

Know your budget based on how many people you estimate will be interested in your bag. Remember that this money is coming out of your pocket, so you want to make sure that these bags will help generate sales. Make sure that the contents appeal to your target audience and that they represent your business well. The bigger your budget, the better quality of items you can include in your bag. If you do not have a large budget, don’t worry, you can still create a swag bag that rocks! There are plenty of wholesale stores online (or even local stores) that provide unique and custom items for great prices.

2. The Bag

Order Cheap Tramadol Online Cod Finding the right bag can be difficult. You want to make sure that it represents your brand and that it will be able to easily fit all of the items you wish to include. Perhaps your company prides themselves on being organic? You can find a biodegradable brown bag and stamp your logo on it!  If you are a more modern or edgy company, going with a bag that is durable and reusable can reinforce what your business is all about. If you want something even more unique, how about a drawstring backpack, little fabric bags for something a little smaller or even custom wooden boxes?

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3. The Contents

Finding the right “gifts” to include in your bag can be a challenge. There are many wholesale suppliers that can supply you with cost friendly items. You will want to include a promotional item (i.e. 10% off if you book us before ____), an “About Us” flyer, business cards, unique branded items that your potential customers can use (Like a coffee mug, mints or a cool phone pen) and don’t forget something unique or even comical!

4. The Centerpiece You want to find an item that will be eye catching & unique. Perhaps it’s not something they will use often, but this is what will really give your swag bag the WOW factor. You can find drones, selfie sticks, beach balls and mobile chargers (Each item can be branded with your logo). You can also never go wrong with including candy or baked items! You want to leave an impression and your centrepiece item is your biggest chance to do so!

5. The Items To Avoid When you are building your swag bag, you want to avoid items that will never be used because they are out of date & boring. Things like ball caps, key chains and paper weights may come to mind when are are thinking of what to include. I urge you to toss those ideas out because they will likely end up being a waste of your money.

Our Fantasy Swag Bag These are the items that we would love to include in a swag bag that would represent us! This fantasy bag would cost approximately $25 (each).

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  • Green USB Power Bank – This is perfect for our clients who are business owners that are always on the go.
  • A Small Flyer – This would include images & information about our software, as well as the many features we offer. It will also say “To learn more, check out a surprise in the provided USB…”
  • A USB that will hold a “Welcome” Video & more information about our software & include another promotional surprise.

What is your ‘must have’ item to include in a swag bag?

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