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Introducing BPro’s New Navigation

Introducing BPro’s New Navigation


Buckle up, BPro’s updates are moving fast! With this week’s powerful updates it is now easier to use than ever. We have taken in all of your awesome feedback and worked our magic.

Let me introduce you to:


  • New Navigation


The new menu bar is now broken into three smart categories to help you navigate intuitively throughout the system. The “Home” tab allows you quick access to Customer/Order Management, your daily Calendar as well as Email Marketing. Finance, Inventory and Operations reports will all be found under “Reports”. Finally, the “Customize” tab contains all of our builders to personalize BPro as well as the permissions to manage your team’s accessibility within the system.


Adding new orders and customers also got easier! Always just one click away – at the top of your navigation bar it’ll be accessible to you throughout BPro.


  • Inventory Builder



We’re working hard to bring all Global Settings functionality to the front end of BPro where you can access and edit it in no time. In this week’s efforts Inventory Management made it to the store front! Within your new “Customize” menu category you’ll find a “Products and Services” tab that makes it a breeze to manage your entire inventory catalog right there.


  • Account Report



The Account Receivable Report will act as hub to track all account purchases made by your customers. All order payments that are select as “On Account” will pool into this report where you have the ability to track and resolve all transactions on account based on the selected net terms.


  • Flat Rate Discount



Within the “Checkout” tab of an order, you can now apply a flat rate discount to that order by selecting the cash icon. The Flat Rate discount tool will allow you to apply a discount to the order itself, rather than a specific Product or Service.

Let us know what you think of these refreshed features and handy shortcuts. As always, if you get stuck, just click on the B-Smart button and we will be there to help! Don’t panic.