How to Run a Killer Promo For Your Auto Detailing Business Guest post by Stephen O’Hara, Auto Detailing Enthusiast at The Better Software Company

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and all of those nice summer cars are coming out of hibernation. Spring is here, and as you know, it’s prime season for auto detailers. Let’s make sure you hit the ground running this season.

In this post we’ll cover how to run a killer promo for your auto detailing shop, and we even have a freebie template to help you get started. 

Step 1: Nail down the details What are the specials you’re going to run this season? How long will they run for? Who are you targeting? What treatments and services are your customers looking for this month? What deals are your competitors offering? There are many things to consider before you decide on the details of your promotion. Do some research to make sure you’re offering a great deal that your customers will actually want. Once you’ve nailed down the details of your promotion, it’s time to let the world know about it!

Step 2: Get the word out

Here are three great ways to let people know what deals your shop is offering this season.  

Email Marketing

Draft up an email campaign to send out to all of your customers to remind them that it’s time to get their vehicles detailed. Include information about any deals or limited time offers you are running, and maybe even provide discount code for them to use at the their next visit. There are lots of great tools (some free or inexpensive) to send out email campaigns. Some of our favourites are Mailchimp and

If you’re a customer of The Better Software Company, there are email marketing tools built right into BPro. You can select which customers to send certain campaigns to, and filter your selection by any of the criteria you track in the CRM. 

Flyers & Coupons

Flyers are an old school way of promoting your business, but they’re still pretty effective!

Post flyers on local bulletin boards or sign posts (with permission, of course). Give out flyers to each customer with your spring promotions on it. The flyers and coupons can encourage word-of-mouth marketing among your customers and their friends, and can ultimately grow your customer base. It can be tough to get a good looking flyer if you don’t have the proper editing tools, like photoshop. To make it easy for you, we’ve built a template for a promotional flyer for you to use. You can save it and customize it to use for your own shop. (You will have to save it to your Google Drive to make any changes.)

Social Media Marketing Auto detailers and car people are big on social media, so why not promote your services where your customers are already hanging out online? Facebook’s advertising platform is a great place to run your promotion. Include high quality, eye-catching photos and short, to-the-point text in your ads. Before and after photos are always a great idea! If you’re new to Facebook Ads, you can learn more about getting started here.

There are three ways you can create an ad through Facebook; right on your page with “Boosted Posts”, through the Ads Manager, or through the Power Editor.

Boost a Post To boost a post, all you have to do it is select the blue “Boost Post” button on a post on your shop’s page. (see image of “boost post). From there you’ll select the details like how much you want to boost the post for, for how long, and who are you targeting. auto-detail-spring-promo

Ad Manager

Tramadol Dogs Uk Buy Creating an ad through the Ad Manager or the Power Editor is a bit more complicated (but not too tricky!). The Ad Manager is the place most people start creating ads and it’s fairly straight forward.

Power Editor

Tramadol Cheapest Price The Power Editor is a bit more advanced but has more capabilities than the Ad Manager. You can split test ads, create bulk ads, run ads with different budgets and more.

Step 3: Follow up Follow up with any customers who booked services with you this season to make sure everything was to their liking. You could even set up a loyalty program to give your customers a reason to return. Offer them a discount for their next visit to encourage them to come back to your shop!

Be sure to keep track of your happiest customers for referrals, and track positive reviews from customers to use for marketing in the future. If any of your customers missed their appointments, be sure to follow up with them as well to see if they would like to reschedule. Using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system will help you keep track of all appointments and make sure that no opportunities fall through the cracks. 

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