How to Hire the Best Window Cleaners


MARCH, 2016

This is a guest post from Oliver Verkempinck, a College Pro Franchise Owner, and a Scholars At Your Service Franchise Owner.


I’ve lost quite a bit of time and money in the past hiring window cleaners who have ended up not being the right fit for my franchise.

This can become a headache and leave you scrambling to complete jobs within the scheduled time frame. I’ve also hired fantastic employees who’ve improved my franchise tremendously by contributing with the highest level of cleaning and customer service.

Hiring the right people is key to making sure that your business reflects your principles and values. You can teach anyone to clean a window, but cleaning windows is only a fraction of the job. Being a window cleaner myself, I put together 4 tips I’ve used in the past that will help your operation hire the best employees.

1. Be wary of where you post your “Hiring Window Cleaners” ad

This is simple, but very important. There may be a discrepancy in the talent you can recruit depending on where you choose to post your “help wanted” ads.

Example: post your ad at a head shop – guess what you’ll get?

Some places where I’ve had success in hiring window cleaners include grocery stores, convenience stores, and on websites like indeed and monster. Be careful with craigslist and others hiring sites of the same ilk. Some people who apply for jobs on those types of sites don’t even read the job title before sending their resume!

The most success I’ve had with recruiting has been when I’ve hired my most impressive workers’ friends. I keep a watchful eye on them to make sure they won’t fool around on the job, but typically that hasn’t been an issue for me.

2. Do NOT be desperate

Sometimes you end up in a position where you really need an employee or you’re simply trying to hire as many as possible. Be careful and thorough with your hiring process and always remember that it’s very easy for someone to look good on a first interview. Do your research when hiring window cleaners, or any employee for that matter.


Before you start looking for someone, write down exactly the characteristics you’re looking to hire and do not stray from that vision as you begin searching for new recruits. Have a quick 5-10 minute phone interview to feel things out, and then invite them for an in-person interview. If you aren’t convinced, don’t be shy to have a second in-person interview, as a good hire can do wonders for your business.

3. Set the expectation

The worst thing that can happen is if your newly hired window cleaner turns to you within the first week or month and says “this isn’t what I signed up for.”


In our industry, 9-12 hour days are not rare, especially in peak season. Make sure that your employees are comfortable with fluctuating schedules, long days, being outdoors, working in the rain, used to heights, ladders and up-selling – all BEFORE you hire them. I bold “upselling” because you need a team that will ask to add more services to the current work order.


For example, you want to build a team that will instinctively go the extra mile. You want window cleaners who will check gutters for cleaning while on the ladder instead of sticking directly to the schedule with the proverbial blinders on.

4. Express your goals

This is likely the most important tip to keep in mind. Having people on your team who come into work for more than a just pay check is great for morale. It makes your job easier and keeps you happy the whole day.


As a business owner, you likely have a vision – that vision should be shared with you team at LEAST once a week, but that’s a whole other topic (stay tuned!).


You want to share your goals for the business with potential new employees at some point during the interview so that they can begin having a sense of loyalty or higher purpose – something bigger than themselves to believe in. You should only be hiring window cleaners who want to encourage that goal.


It’s tough to find the right people to buy into your vision. However, the quality of your team is arguably the most important part of your business. Without it, you will never have any flexibility and this will leave you with less time to actually wipe down windows.


Remember, nothing gets done easily. Think about these tips when you’re ready to hire window cleaners again.

About the Author


Oliver Verkempinck is a passionate young entrepreneur who over a span of four months, built up a $73,000 window cleaning business. Oliver hired 11 employees to help complete jobs for over 1000 clients, and has won multiple prestigious awards through College Pro. He and has recently taken on the challenge of opening a painting company in the Ottawa, Canada area.

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