How To Get More Likes On Your Facebook Posts


MAY, 2016

Comments and likes are how we know that our audience is really responding to the content we create. If we don’t receive anything, we can feel a tad defeated and even rejected by our viewers.

When I first started a blog for my business, I would have the toughest time getting the post out there in the world of social media. Over time I started to realize my biggest mistakes: My posts were simply boring. There was little to no personality to them and I was playing it safe by posting things I thought were popular to blog. I wasn’t even asking my viewers to participate in the post, which resulted in people glancing over it and moving on to newer and better things. After I had this light bulb moment, I began trying some new techniques which infinitely improved the number of my readers and their engagement.

Why are likes and comments so important?


When you create a post, be it a blog, video or an image, you want to attract as much engagement as possible to get more exposure for your business. And, let’s be honest, it also makes you feel pretty good!

The importance of a strong title

Think about the audience you are trying to attract and use keywords pertaining to your post. Why is this post so important for someone to read? What will your viewer get out of it? What is a controversial spin you can put on your title? By keeping these reasons in mind, you can discover a more intriguing way to reel in your viewers. It is also important that your content’s title is “searchable” so that if someone is seeking out this information they can find you easily. No one has time to play hide-and-seek with your content, so title and tag your posts accordingly.

Is your post interesting?

Create a post that will interest people and that is relevant to your business. Don’t play it safe because it’s more important for you to stand out then blend in with thousands of similar posts on the same topic. Don’t get me wrong, you can write a post about a popular subject (Like this one), but you need to allow some of your personality to shine through so it doesn’t come across as dry.

Can you sprinkle in some controversy?

People love controversy. Think about your business and all of the touchy and controversial subjects that are involved with it. Pick a position/opinion that you may have in one of those particular topics and write about it! In my industry (Photography) there is a huge “Digital versus Print” debate. So I used that to write my first successful blog post that I called “The Lost Value of Prints and Professional Photography”. I took a stance on my opinion for the topic and wrote from a place of passion. This resulted in many views/ traction to my site, engagement from readers and even helped me make some sales!

The power of simply asking and engaging.

Ask for feedback, comments and likes. This seems like it may be annoying to your viewers, but by asking for feedback or creating a call to action you are empowering them to be active and they will more likely take the time to show their interest. Create a “Culture of Commenting”. You can even praise people for commenting by giving them a shout out! By simply taking the time to respond to your commenters, you are gaining yourself loyal fans for the future.

Questions, questions, questions.

Ask them a question that is easy for them to respond to or start a discussion amongst your viewers. My most successful posts have stemmed from me asking my viewers a question like:


  • Which image is your favourite?
  • Do you prefer vintage, classic or modern looks in pictures?
  • Do you have a Facebook family album or an actual print family album?
  • What piece of advice did your find most helpful?

I will include questions to compliment images or blog posts that I want to share. More people will be inclined to comment with the result of my post having a higher reach and ultimately my post/business getting more exposure. #contentgoals


Here are 26 ways to engage your fans on Facebook.

Isolate trends.

Track your analytics. Check your insights on Facebook and view the posts that have had the most traction. Ask yourself what the secret sauce was that drew people in and then sprinkle some of that in your own future posts. I will constantly go through my Facebook analytics to observe any trends, popular posts or posts that aren’t doing so well. If posts are not doing well I think about how I can make it better if I chose to recycle it in the future. You can research popular trends regarding content in your industry to give you inspiration on what you can post.

How do I use Facebook’s boosting feature?

This tool is very powerful if used correctly! For instance, you want to avoid boosting a post that maybe won’t do that well, and the best way to do that is to watch your organic reach to make sure the post is doing well on its own. If you choose to boost your post then the next important thing is to determine your audience. Make sure that you are selecting a realistic demographic that will respond to your post in a given area. After that you can set a budget to what you are comfortable with! You can start off small (See how that works) and then boost it again with a larger budget when it goes well! Learn how to boost your content here.

Promote through other channels.

Promote your posts on your other channel and tell them to “leave a comment” so you know they checked it out. Use multiple social channels and audiences to really promote your post! If you have a new blog piece out, then give it a shout out on Twitter or Snapchat. You can even create an image for Instagram with alluring details about your content and simple directions on how to find the post. Create loads of hype to further people’s interest!

Now, I challenge you to try implementing these techniques into your future posts! If you have any techniques that have worked for your business, feel free to share as I would love to know!

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