How to Be a
Great Entrepreneur Dad: Lessons From Steve Cody


JUNE, 2016

Sometimes being father and business owner at the same time can be very challenging. Choosing between spending time with your kids when they ask you to play with them or continuing to work can be a tough decision to make.

You might choose to work on your business instead of going to the park with your kids because you feel the responsibility to secure their future. At the same time, you might just want to play with your kids. And if you end up doing both, chances are you will go to bed late in the night.


At the end of the day, it is all about knowing what your priorities are. And Steve Cody knows all about it. Let’s hear his story.

Steve Cody is a father of a large family of 4 children. He is also the founder and CEO of The Better Software Company and throughout his career, he has built 15 local and national businesses in the service, rental, e-commerce, and retail markets which have generated over 250 million in sales.

Having your the support of spouse and children is very important.

We caught up with Steve to ask him a few questions about being a father and a business owner.

You’ve told us that you started your first business with a $1200 gift from your Grandfather. What did he teach you about business?
My grandfather was a chauffeur and he worked for the government. He believed in me and he never questioned me able being to do anything. He also taught me that my name, Cody, is one of the most valuable things in the life.


Owning and operating several businesses and having 5 small children at the same time must have been tough. How on earth did you manage that?
I have an amazing wife. That’s all it comes down to.


Your kids have been involved in many of your business ventures. What has been the best part about running your businesses with your family?
Our kids were always very much involved in the business. We had young kids cleaning dishes at the age of 7-8 years old until 2 am sometimes for our party rental business. They were crying and wanting to go home. But it taught them what hard work is all about. I think they’re still mad at me.


What is the most important piece of business advice that you would pass on to your kids?
Work hard and be yourself.


What’s the one thing that you’ve learned being a father and business owner that you would pass on to other fathers/business owners?
Include your kids in your business. I have met a lot of business owners who don’t include their kids in the business, which creates a complete disconnect. When being a business owner becomes the way of life, having your the support of spouse and children is very important. And you get their support by letting them know about your business and letting them be involved.


How will you be celebrating Father’s Day this year?
That is a surprise. I don’t know. We actually thought it was last weekend!

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