How Do I Convince My Franchisees to Use New Software?



There seems to be no end to the benefits a good software can offer your business. From the attention to detail that comes with a CRM to the number of sales that come with proper email marketing, software makes business better.

But sometimes, it can be difficult to convince your franchisees of that, and that’s a problem. For franchise businesses, a proper software system will bring your entire network together. But you can’t do that unless every single location is using the software, and using it right.

Each franchisee has their own reason for not wanting to use software. For some, it’s because they don’t want someone telling them how to run their business. For others, they don’t like computers and new technology. But whatever the case, you need them to use a system to be able to effectively track the success of your business.

You need them to use a system to be able to effectively track the success of your business.

Have another franchisee show them how it works.

If your team is reluctant to adopt your new system but one of them excels at using it, have that person give everyone a tutorial. Your provider should be the one to train your franchisees, but your team might feel that they don’t get it. Because it’s true — they don’t. Your software provider doesn’t have as much context as your team. They aren’t using the software for your business, and your business might be different from what they’re used to.

But after a few weeks, your franchisees are used to using it every day. They can find ways the software works for your business model that your provider may not have even considered.

Your franchisees are more likely to trust each other, so when one of them says “this is good for business,” the rest understand that he or she knows first-hand that it is. There’s no sales people and no agenda, just honest feedback.

Prove the software works.

With any big change in business, it’s important to do it gradually. If you implement your new solution with a number of pilot locations, it’s easier to show your franchisees it works. It gives you the numbers that show repeat sales went up, marketing had a higher ROI and your team was more efficient. Numbers don’t lie.

Changing systems is a hassle, and it comes with a learning curve. A lot of your franchisees might argue that learning curve is a waste of their time because they aren’t used to being slowed down. But the longer they use it, the faster they’ll be, and they’re able to surpass what they did before.

Check in with them.

People are creatures of habit, and it can be difficult to incorporate new things into our day to day. Franchisees are their own business owners too. They’ve invested a lot into their business, and it can be scary to make such a big change. It’s important to hear them out and address their concerns. If they mention any problems, try to tackle them together or see how other franchisees have overcome them. When you check in to see if they’re using the software, ask if they’re having any problems. Make sure everything is going smoothly. Don’t make them feel as though you’re enforcing, but rather that you’re supporting the change.

Write it into the contract

If you need your team to use the software, make it a requirement of being part of the business. Every new franchisee will use it right from the get-go, making the transition easy. If they never run their business any other way, then with the software will always seem best. For existing franchisees, when it comes time to renew the contract, include the software as a mandatory part of the business. If they’re reluctant, explain that it helps drive the business as a whole, and they aren’t the only piece of the puzzle, but their business is important and needs to be included.

The most important part of making the change is making sure it improves your business. If your franchisees are unhappy with the software because it really is slowing them down, it’s important to look into any issues they might be having. Because if your franchisees aren’t happy, your business may struggle. Remind your team that they learned how to run their business at the beginning, and this is just another step towards making it even better.

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