Tramadol Cheapest Overnight Let Gravity Forms do lead management for you, generating leads directly. To start, the most powerful form builder around, Gravity Forms lets the franchisee capture all of the information they need for lead generation. Determine what information gets transferred to BPro by tagging every field individually while creating the franchisee’s lead generation strategy. Then, the franchisee can choose whether to have the information added to the client contact information list automatically or to review it before it goes through. Finally, when the franchisee starts using the integration, you’ll notice there’s a new section in the Home tab for “Online” options, including “Online Forms.” Franchisees can manage their BPro and Gravity Forms connection from here and expand their sales process.

Build Build the lead management forms the franchisees need, exactly the way they want!

Target Ensure that their forms are targeted to the audience the franchisees want to reach, and tailored to receive the most relevant information you’d like to receive.


Stay on top of the franchisee’s leads with lead generation tactics, ensuring that their forms are valid and capture their future clients.

Integrate This feature integrates seamlessly with BPro franchise management software.

First, whether the franchisees want to capture something simple such as a name and address or something more advanced like a drop-down list, Gravity Forms can do it all.

Through BPro franchise management software, the franchisees can obtain qualified lead information that’s relevant to you. Make their form multiple pages, multiple columns, or limit the number of entries for things such as contests.

Then, whatever information you’re trying to capture, Gravity Forms is the perfect solution to generate the most detailed and accurate information possible for their sales team.

Second, Gravity forms are made to work with just about any WordPress theme. The standard design is simple, the franchisees can make it their own.

Then, every part of the franchisee’s form can be isolated and altered so it can look just the way they want it to. That way everything fits the franchisee’s lead generation strategy.

Finally, the installation process is easy, upload the BPro GF Add-on zip file directly to the franchisee’s WordPress Website on the plugins page.

Once installed, franchisees need to activate it like any other plugin. Configure titles, messages, descriptions, or anything else the franchisees can think of. If you’re going to do it, Gravity Forms makes it easy.

Franchise management software in a whole new way

Buy Cheap Tramadol 100Mg Online In conclusion, he franchisees have complete and total control over the franchisee’s Gravity Forms. Being able to preview any form they develop is a great way to get an idea of the look and feel the franchise would like to achieve. 

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At any time while creating/editing forms, the franchisees are able to preview an example of how it will look! Fill out the form to test it out and make sure it sends to BPro as the franchisees desired. Once everything is as the franchisees want it, we can add it onto the franchisee’s page! Finally, notifications allow the franchisees to ensure the right people know when new client information comes in. Send email updates with the latest entries to the people that matter. Make sure the person entering doesn’t feel neglected by setting up an automatic response email to send after they’ve submitted the form. Alternatively, incorporate the franchisee’s leads into their email marketing campaign through BPro Emma Email Marketing integration.

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Your team and your software should work together!
Your team and your software should work together!