Rich with experience.


We think business can change the world.

We want to make things better. We’re franchise business owners that want to make software better by making it customizable, adaptable, simple, and intuitive. We want to make business better by helping companies grow and create more jobs. We want to make days better by making work better (and easier) on a day to day basis. We help you, so you can help others, and they can help even more.

Helping people makes things better, so we’re getting the ball rolling.

The most critical factor in building franchise success

is making it easy for franchisees to be successful.

Steve Cody

Founder, The Better Software Company

Our story.

At 17, Steve Cody stepped into the business world with nothing but a bucket, a squeegee and a dream. With $1,200 from his grandfather in his pocket, he started his window washing company and never looked back.

But window washing wasn’t the end. He moved from industry to industry, equipped with more experience and expertise at every new beginning. But one thing never changed: In every business he started, he played all the parts. With every new venture, Steve was the integration guy, IT department, training guru and head trouble shooter. Every new franchise called for a different software, and none of the systems were compatible with the verticals of different industries. The lack of automation continuously hindered his ability to scale and affected his success. He and his staff were forced to manually input information to different systems, which created errors. Important details were missed, and customer service suffered.

Steve Cody founded The Better Software Company to give other franchise business owners the chance to learn from his experience and streamline their own businesses.

Bruce Linton, has a passion for entrepreneurship and making a positive difference in the world. He brings a wealth of experience in building strong technology companies, building world class teams and positioning his companies to deliver exceptional customer value and service. He is currently the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Canopy (CGC), Co-Chairman and past CEO of Martello Technologies, and Co-founder of Ruckify & Better Software.

Culture drives us.

Perseverance; integrity; indomitable spirit. The ability to stand up, dust off, and push forward. To be true to oneself. To never yield to circumstances, but instead stand defiant against them. Some people have these as part of who they are. For most, these are shared with those beside you. It’s difficult to stand alone – it is easy to stand together. Culture is what lets a team get back up after stumbling. Culture is what lets a team heal.

Culture is what lets a company triumph.

We know what we’re doing.

We’ve made every mistake in the book so you don’t have to. With 30+ years of experience as franchise business owners in 15 different industries, we know what we’re doing. We believe that running a multi-location business should be as simple as running a small one, and we’re here to equip franchisors with the best franchise management tool. We want to improve business for everyone – from CEO to cashier.

Ready to build your best business?

Ready to build your best business?

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