Custom Invoicing

Personalize payments with custom invoicing.

Custom invoicing software lets you build your invoices to suit each and every job.

BPro custom invoicing empowers you to create a consistent, professional and personal payment processing system.

Getting paid is the most important part of your business, and you need to be able to make it clear and simple for your customers to pay. When you send your customers an invoice, it’s important for it to reflect your brand, the order and the transaction. Our custom invoicing feature allows you to create invoices for each and every order, or create templates to use across the whole franchise network.

Put your best business forward with custom invoicing.

custom invoicing lets you build invoices for every job


Customize invoices to be just right for your business, customer and order.

send your invoices through email or traditional mail.


Make sure your customer gets the invoices, quotes and receipts they ask for.

Make sure your customers are happy every time.


Personalized and clear, make sure your customers have all the information they need.

Build trust using custom invoicing so your customer always feels that the price is right and paying is easy.

Build trust

with custom invoicing.

Create and store as many invoice templates as you need using our simple invoice builder. You can easily choose to show or hide anything, and the system will automatically pull the information into the invoice. And we don’t limit you to custom invoicing. You’re also able to build templates for receipts or quotes and estimates so you can offer your customers full transparency and build a foundation of trust.

Send your invoices with confidence when you use BPro to track whether the email is delivered and opened. If a customer loses track of their invoice, you can help them find it by reminding them what day it was sent or opened on. With BPro custom invoicing, you simply create your invoice template and your franchise software will do the rest. As you go through creating an order or job, every item, taxes or special discounts you add will automatically be calculated and included on your invoice. All you have to do is hit send.

We know what we're doing.

We've made every mistake in the book, so you don't have to. With 30+ years of experience as franchise business owners in 15 different industries, we know what we're doing. We believe that running a multi-location business should be as simple as running a small one, and we're here to equip franchisors with the best franchise management tool. We want to improve business for everyone – from CEO to cashier.

Ready to build your best business?

Ready to build your best business?

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