Fifteen Quotes for Small Business Owners

By Ben Syme,  Success Manager The Better Software Company The world today holds some seven billion people; all of which are living their lives in their own way and with their own purpose.  That number gives me a sense of optimism because when I need a boost, or have a question, chances are that someone […]

The Ultimate List of Free Stock Photography

Do you want to create a good-looking social media post? A stand-out flyer or poster for your upcoming summer promo? All you need now is a professional looking image and you’re set. If only it was that easy. The endless online journey on your way to a decent quality stock image that is free to […]

The 5 Must-Haves For Your Pet Grooming Website

1) Be brand conscious. The website must embody your brand. You want your colours & writing style to clearly reflect who you are as a business. Learn how to properly brand your website with these 10 hands-on tips!  2) Show your experience. You need to list your credentials, specialties & goals. You want your customers to […]

Work And Life Balance – Just a Myth?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is committed to “work-life balance”. So much so, that in the attempt to lead by example, he took a whole day off during a work trip to Japan a few weeks ago to celebrate his 11th wedding anniversary (Side note by the author: Congrats to the couple!). Yet he caused a […]

What is ROI of Your Company Culture?

You don’t need to be Google or the next hot tech startup to have a great company culture. Any small business, no matter if it is a size of 3 or 100+, whether an auto detailing shop, landscaping service, rental or pet service business, can create a great company culture. For a moment, think about […]

33 Free Online Tools You Should Know About

Short on time, sleep and money? As small business owner, you never run out of tasks to juggle or things to improve. To make sure you come out on top of everything that’s going on in your every-day business we put together a list of awesome (mostly) free online tools – including our personal favorites […]

7 Habits of Confident Business Owners

As a confident small business owner, I bet that you’re a very motivated and hard-working person. You are a problem solver that takes calculated risks. You are committed to helping other people out. In general, you like to do things right! Confidence is a powerful force that helps us to be and to do better. […]

5  Resources For Veterans Starting Their Own Business

Did you know that our veterans are 45% more likely to become entrepreneurs than people with no military experience? That’s right, 45% more likely. No wonder there are so many veteran entrepreneurs around! There are over 2.4 million veterans who own their own business in the states, and according to the US Census data from 2007, these businesses […]

33 Tips For Auto Detailers by Auto Detailers

We recently asked our customers and followers to share one tip they think all auto detailers should know about. What came out of that, is this unique list to help you take your auto detailing business to the next level. Here is our list of top tips for auto detailers, by auto detailers. 1. Keep […]