The Better Software Company is dedicated to providing easy to use, fully integrated software to users around the world. Whether you need to partner with us to support a franchise network of 20 or 20,000, we are completely dedicated to providing your organization with one fully integrated software solution.

BUSINESS NETWORK HUBSTM - Manage your Franchise Organization Structure with the click of a mouse!

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A software that's here to help both Franchisee's and Franchisors
  • One System to Manage Multiple Franchisees
  • Drive Revenue & Improve Profitability
  • Deliver Training & Effective Onboarding
  • Franchise Consulting, Tracking, Reporting & Scheduling
  • Real Time Access to Dashboard, Benchmarking and Reports
  • Effective Operational Support between Franchisor & Franchisees
  • Identify top Performers Collect Financial data & Compute your Royalties in Real-time

Successful franchisors know that having the right systems in place is critical to themselves and their franchisees, whether it's CRM, inventory management, ordering and invoicing, email marketing, scheduling and timesheets, reporting, or all of the above. In fact, increasingly, prospective franchisees seek out franchisors that provide them with all the systems they need to run their franchise successfully out of the box - a trend that has fueled the growth of some franchisors and stalled growth of those lacking such support.

Increasingly, franchisors are choosing BPro (the all-in-one small business management solution from The Better Software Company) for their business, as well as to provide to their franchisees.

Using BPro, franchisees can do everything they need to run their business in one easy-to-use affordable SaaS solution, even while on the road. BPro comes with a variety of features to help franchisees boost their business, including email marketing, lead generation, and opportunity management. BPro will even remind them when a customer is likely ready to buy from them again. And franchisors always have a single integrated point of view of their franchisees' performance, allowing them to track trends, identify areas of potential support, and better communicate with their franchisees.

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