Welcome To Your BPro Platform Training Area!

The BPro Platform provides a fully integrated Franchisee training area. This training will ensure all parties to get up to speed fast and integrated into your Franchise system, at your own convenience.

Your Quick Start Plan

BPro Platform Training was designed to help franchisee's learn and integrate into the Franchise's business model, while eliminating the complexity of learning SaaS management software. The Franchisee will only have access to the Franchisee training modules, as outlined by the Franchisor.

Over the development of the software we found, as owners learn the software in bite size pieces, they learn quick and get up and running fast. So, by following in sequence, adoption will be quicker, and you'll receive all the benefits of improved productivity and convenience.

Important Message From Franchisor

Thank you for joining our team! We have partnered with The Better Software Company to provide a business management system that will greatly benefit you, as well as our Franchise. Please follow the training in the order outlined, to get up to speed quick and benefit from the added productivity and convenience the software offers.

We'll  see you on the sales leader board!

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You don't work 9-5, neither should your software. Always be connected and up to date from anywhere, anytime...Get Mobile!

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