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The value of culture

The Value of Culture 14 JUNE, 2017 When you ask someone what the most important thing for a company to have, the answers will vary. Some will say it's good people; others talk about the product. Some will say location; others speak of branding. Some will talk about...

Lazaridis 10 Announced!

Lazaridis 10 announced! 26 OCTOBER, 2016 Astronomy Life Society After an exhaustive coast to coast tour, we have been selected to join an exclusive cohort of the 10 best and most promising Canadian tech companies with huge potential. The Better Software Company offers...

Fifteen quotes for all business owners

15 quotes for all business owners 13 SEPTEMBER, 2016 The world today holds some seven billion people; all of which are living their lives in their own way and with their own purpose. That number gives me a sense of optimism because when I need a boost, or have a...

The Ultimate List of Free Stock Photography

28 MARCH, 2016 Astronomy Life Society Do you want to create a good-looking social media post? A stand-out flyer or poster for your upcoming summer promo? All you need now is a professional looking image and you’re set. If only it was that easy. The endless online...

Ready to build your best business?

Ready to build your best business?

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