Get Tramadol Online Uk Seven Habits of Confident Business Owners As a confident small business owner, I bet that you’re a very motivated and hard-working person. You are a problem solver that takes calculated risks. You are committed to helping other people out. In general, you like to do things right! Confidence is a powerful force that helps us to be and to do better. Imagine that you exactly know what are you doing and why are you doing it. Wouldn’t that feel great?

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The good news is that anyone, with some work, can build confidence.

Tramadol Online Uk The Better Software Company CEO, Steve Cody, has built businesses his whole life. Throughout this journey, he has learned very valuable lessons that translate into habits of building confidence.

Uk Tramadol Online As Steve says, “Mickey Mouse is never in a bad mood”. No matter if you have a good or bad day, you always have to be ready to perform – to be “on stage” so to speak. Especially when people say ‘no’ to you. But a ‘no’ simply means that you may have to re-explain yourself, as sometimes people understand things differently at different times.

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”
Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius Your confidence also grows by making a habit to clearly define your personal purpose as well as your business vision. A great way to do this properly is to clear your mind by having an exercise or routine. A powerful routine gives you a chance to prepare, acquire more knowledge or train your skills. Lastly, the repetition of your principles and activities is critically important as it creates a consistent flow. A consistent flow, whether personal or organizational, sets the rhythm for days and it drives your confidence, productivity, and results.

1) Start Inside Out

If you want to be more confident, start inside out.

You already know that being more confident is up to you. The good thing is that you have the personal power to monitor your thought, feelings, and to be deliberate about your actions. In other words, your inner communication reflects who you are. Confident business owners have a strong sense of self-awareness, which is very useful especially when they take the time to reflect.

A practical tip to boost your confidence is to practice power positions. A Harvard social psychologist Amy Cuddy argues that using your body language to do power poses actually affects your mental state.

2) Be a Go-Getter If you want to be more confident, become a go-getter!

Confident business owners have the guts to chase their dreams. They often take calculated risks when stepping into the unknown, proactively seeking out new inspiration, and they are never hesitant to ask for advice. As problem solvers, getting out of their comfort zone is just a regular part of their day by creatively facing all challenges and obstacles.

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
Jillian Michaels

3) Focus on Results

If you want to be more confident, make it a habit of focusing on results.

Confident business owners are highly result-oriented. They understand that failure is just information, not the end of the day. Technically, there are no failures, just results. People who understand this tend to be very successful as they realize that everything which happens in their lives is just an outcome of their endeavors.

Order Tramadol Online Australia Also, business owners are keen to learn from the past, and they barely make the same mistake twice. Typically, they are not afraid to not know because they are confident that they will find out. “I don’t delegate tasks, I delegate results
Steve Cody

4) Exercise If you want to be more confident, make it a habit of exercising.

Confident business owners are typically very dedicated to stretching their mental and physical abilities. A study conducted at Eastern Ontario Research Institute found that people who exercised twice a week for 10 weeks felt more competent socially, academically, and athletically. Some people just don’t have time to exercise. On the other hand, some people just can’t imagine not to exercise. Which one are you?

5) Preparation If you want to be more confident, make a habit of taking time for preparation.

In the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Dr. Stephen Covey advises taking the time to “sharpen your saw”. There is no point cutting if your saw is blunt. Confident business owners take the time to get prepared. This may take the form of something as simple as cleaning your desk, taking a nap, grooming yourself, or as developing a consistent routine of reading, exercising, meditating and other activities.

6) Give

If you want to be more confident, make it a habit of giving. Confident business owners are selfless. They are very supportive of their community. They are typically the source of encouragement for others. They speak with certainty and clear, purposeful intention. They are often the ones who call out the elephant in the room or give an honest appreciation to help motivate others. Just ask yourself, how many people did I encourage in past 24 hours?

7) Repeat

If you want to be more confident, repeat, repeat and repeat. I am sorry, but doing it once just won’t do it. You know that consistency is key in experiencing your desirable lifestyle again and again. Consistency is a good thing; it feels good because you already experienced it.


Repeat all the habits above! In your next interaction, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, your lifetime. Live your principles. They are yours.

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