5 Tips To Help Your Website Secure Repeat Business



Helping customers look their best is hard work. Making sure they return to your business is even more challenging, especially when appointments can be months apart.

To help ensure that customers return to your salon consistently can be greatly improved through your website: the corner of your online presence. Your website is home base and your customers are on it more often than you think. Here are 5 tips that you can use today on your website to keep customers coming back!

Blog Tips & Recommendations

Staying top of mind for customers is key, and publishing regular blogs with recommendations, product reviews or other ideas for customers to look their best will keep them thinking about your business. Providing recommendations also increases the trust factor your customers have with you. More trust and top of mind awareness means repeat customers!

Website Exclusives

Offer something that’s unique on your website, even if it’s something small! A great idea is to offer something like a free coffee coupon that customers can show on their phone each time they come in. This will introduce customers to your website, but also keep them coming back to check-out updates. Even including coupons for free samples is another easy value add for customers to keep coming back (and an opportunity to engage your suppliers!). Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Keep a Photo Gallery

Regularly taken photos of successful appointments is key to sparking creativity with your customer base. A new idea for a style or color could be enough to have that customer jump on the phone to make a booking right away. Who doesn’t love a little bit of spontaneity?

Customer Engagement

Find (or make a way) for you to engage with customers. This could be to submit questions on personal or equipment care, how to best use specialized products or anything your customers can think up. If this discussion is occurring on your facebook page, find a plug-in or another way to integrate those discussions on your website. Having another quality external link will also help boost your search engine optimization to help customers find your website more easily. Nice!

Regular Updates

Nothing is worse than having a static website that doesn’t change with the seasons or as the business evolves. Make sure to keep updating graphics, icons, services and anything else for your business. If your website hasn’t been updated in two years, your customers have no reason to keep checking in, which further decreases your opportunity to secure them as a repeat customer.

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