4 Tips to Keep Auto Detailing Customers Coming Back



Repeat sales are the lifeline of any good business. Doing some simple tasks well can make a big impact in your flow of business, repeat sales rate and overall profitability.

Staying in contact with your customers is important in ensuring they keep coming back. Your level of service and quality of work will always benefit this goal, but there will always be those random customers that you see very infrequently. Being a former Auto Detailer myself, I put together 4 tips I’ve used in the past that can help your operation.

Gather your customer’s info

Not only do you want to have the proper info on file to begin or complete the job, this info is very important to maintain future contact. Not having the proper information available when you need it is very frustrating and can cost you time and money.

Store your customer’s info

It is one thing to collect your customer’s info, but having somewhere to store and easily access this data is paramount. Whether you keep it in a business software, spreadsheet, phone or paper notebook; every customer you have on file adds legitimate dollar value to your business.

Always get the email

Even if you haven’t gotten into the habit of regularly communicating and marketing to your clients via email, it is never too late to start getting those email addresses on file. Email communication is mainstream, convenient, and effective, therefore it may be the preferred tool to get a hold of a wandering customer.

Be Proactive

I know from experience that it isn’t always easy to find the time to chase customers, but during those slow periods, reaching out to clients whom you have not served in a while can be very profitable. Whether you give them a quick personal phone call, send a brief email or even a text message, it can be an incredibly effective way to build your rapport and encourage loyalty with your clients.

Customers love that you are thinking of them. They love that you know their name and even remember what they drive. It’s not that customers don’t want their car cleaned, often they are simply busy or are putting off that service… reaching out to them can leave that thought linger and improve the chances of earning their business.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas on areas that can help bring in some extra business. Stay tuned for more detailing tips!

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