33 Tips For Auto Detailers by Auto Detailers


MAY, 2016

We recently asked our customers and followers to share one tip they think all auto detailers should know about. What came out of that, is this unique list to help you take your auto detailing business to the next level.

Here is our list of top tips for auto detailers, by auto detailers.

1. Keep insurance! – Lovesautodetailllc

2. Wash your customer’s car like if it was your dream car! – tavaresautospa

3. It’s physical, join a gym and work your back and shoulders. And flexibility! – Huntsmiths

4. The proper brushes can be your best friends. – alwaysshinenmobiledetailing_sa

5. Cheap products make cheap looking outcomes, while quality products make a quality outcome. – logansautodetail

6. Base your business on quality only. – ramferi_candies_detailing

7. If you think hiring a great detailer is expensive, try hiring a bad one. – yerr_meng

8. Work on a customer’s car like it’s the love of your life. Let the money and the reputation you are building be your motivation. – dinero_detailingandcarwash

9. Before wet sanding, use a paint depth gauge to avoid sanding right through the clear coat and causing permanent damage. – mdegen93

10. Do it once and use our #9hLDCPro worry free for years! ?  – alwaysdryllc

11. Work smart, work clean. – jls_custom_auto_detailing

12. Wear clothes without buttons or buckles like gym shorts or sweat pants to avoid scratching the vehicle. – hemi_muscle_truck

13. Horse hair paint brushes, fine and about 1 1/2 inch are great for air vents and interior trim gaps. – grove_auto_styling_

14. Have a good solid lubricant/spraywax when do your clay bar work, and use the backside of your hand like checking a door for a fire. Way better results.  – suuurf_god

15. Cover your belt buckles with a microfiber or wear an apron. – suuurf_god

16. Take your time and don’t be in a hurry. – kevin_4v

17. When buffing hood roof and truck, put the cord over your shoulder to keep the cord from rubbing and scratching the car. – an_eye_for_details_

18. Always allow seats to dry fully before reinstalling them and handing the vehicle back over to the customer. – rkcarcareservices

19. Always wash a vehicle in a cool dry area. – rkcarcareservices

20. Less is more – autowerksdetailing

21. Never spray wheel acid on windows. – socal_auto_detailing

22. Never use tire dressing on motorcycles – daisygreen_details

23. Set the expectation on the end result ahead of time.-  enviousdetailing

24. Protect and maintain your investment like it were your own. – Technautics Marine Services, LLC – Technauticsmarineservicesllc

25. Try all different types of products to find the ones that best suit your needs. Also find the products that will help to make you a more efficient detailer. – killerfoz

26. Target your customers to match your professionalism (detailing, customer service, business skills). As your experience and talent progresses, adjust to the clients that match your professionalism. Rotate your client list until you reach the top! – Details_by_mike

27. Don’t be afraid to turn away jobs. –  enviousdetailing

28. Quality products produce quality results time and time again – no silicones, no fillers. Eco-friendly water based products to ensure protection of the environment. Quality of work produces quality clientele. – Technautics Marine Services, LLC – Technauticsmarineservicesllc

29. Use a toothpick to poke dirt and debris through the holes of perforated leather seats. – giantsrider82

30. Enjoy what you do. – andym818

31. Microfiber towel. – quikewash

32. Use an air compressor and a hose to get rid of sand and dirt in hard to reach places. – all_shine_detailing

33. Try to educate your customers about the processes you go through on their vehicle and when it’s time for another detail. I find laymen get scared when you give them a quote because they don’t understand the value of the service you are providing. – dewr41

What do you think? Have any other tips? Share them in the comments below.

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