3 Ways to Build a Loyal Client Base for Your Auto Detailing Business


AUGUST, 2015

Any small business owner in a saturated market knows that differentiating is critical if they want to acquire new customers and maintain current ones. This holds true in the auto detailing industry.

There can be a slew of service providers that offer competitive deals, making it easy for people to consistently switch between various auto detailers.

Because being a sole operator takes up a tremendous amount of time, owners may not be able to concentrate specifically on strategies that will lead to a growing and steady base of clients.

While it may seem daunting, setting up a software that manages your entire business is your best bet. This will allow you to get a high level overview of all facets of your business, while allowing you to manage it from a central location.

Here are some important factors that you should consider before implementing a software in your auto detailing business:

Personalization is key.

An important feature for any small business owner is customer relationship management (CRM). This will help you to get to know your customers – in particular, their preferences and which services they usually opt for. For example, a CRM tool will allow you to keep track of your client’s info, their car make and colour, as well as any services they prefer. If a customer calls in, you can then present them with a special package or offer a discount for their favourite service, for example. This will show that you value their business and, more importantly, value them as a customer.

Follow up promptly.

If a client sends in a request online or leaves a message on the phone, you should always send a follow up message promptly. Even if it’s just an email that you have acknowledged their request and will send them a quote within 48 hours – customers will appreciate this. You should be closely following your prospective leads. This will improve your chances of converting them into customers.

Keep in touch.

While it’s unrealistic to manually send reminders and emails to clients, you can set up marketing email campaigns that will automate this process. A software can allow you to send reminders and notifications to clients about upcoming appointments or a special promotion that will be happening. You can customize these messages to address your customer by their first name, in order to maintain a personal touch.

While there are various solutions that can allow you to achieve the above points, there is one software tool that will allow you to control all facets of your business.  This unified solution is specifically built for small businesses in the service industry. It is a CRM automation tool that allows users to build marketing campaigns and send canned responses.

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